Weekend Throwdown with Jagger Top 50 0f 2012


The rankings are based on requests and downloads.

50.  Tonight Is The Night/OUTASIGHT

**Outasight is from Yonkers, New York.  “Tonight Is The Night” is from the album “Nights Like These”.

49.  Gangnam Style/PSY

** Interview Quote from Psy about “Gangnam Style”, “I didn’t expect anything like this; and I didn’t mean anything or I didn’t target or mark anything about U.S. at all.  So, the only thing I did was make (a real power video).  You know, the song isn’t not even in English, you know.  All a sudden a Korean song, right, become second place in Iceland.  It’s crazy man.  What’s going on in this country?”

-October 2012


*According to Billboard, the Top 5 new artists of 2012:

#05. Ellie Goulding

#04. The Wanted

#03. Gotye

#02. Carly Rae Jepsen

#01. One Direction

48.  Pound The Alarm/NICKI MINAJ

47.  Want U Back/CHER LLOYD

*Cher Lloyd interview quote about cover for her single “Want U Back”, “Yeah, it’s a mug shot.  I don’t know what face I’m put in that.  It’s not one that I use in my every day life.  It’s very different.  She also added about the song’s video, “Yeah, it’s a crazy video and I feel like it’s my best video so far, so I’m really happy with it.”  At the end of the video she says, “Yeap, they come and arrest me.  I have never been arrested in real life, so that’s good.”

–May 2012

Drop ID Rihanna

46.  Diamonds/RIHANNA

45.  Rumour  Has It/ADELE

44.  Boyfriend/JUSTIN BIEBER

*Justin Bieber’s Interview Quote about his “Boyfriend” song, “I feel great, man. It’s been really great.  We’ve been in the studio non-stop, so the fact that we found a single and everyone loves it.  It’s just really great!”

-April 2012

43.  Domino/JESSIE J

42.  Turn Up The Music/CHRIS BROWN

*”Turn Up The Music” was the lead single from Chris Brown’s album Fortune.  The video has over 78 million views on Youtube since its release in February 2012.

Drop ID Gym Class Heroes

41.  The Fighter/GYM CLASS HEROES featuring RYAN TEDDER

40.  We Run The Night/HAVANA BROWN featuring PITBULL

*Interview quote Havana Brown about what it’s like being on stage as a DJ playing you own songs, “I love DJin’ and getting up there obliviously you play a majority of other people songs.  You know, I love the energy that you have with the crowd.  You know, you feed off the adrenaline and all of that.  But, now that I am dropping my own single in the clubs and getting a reaction from the crowd, that’s it is insane because it’s taken it to another level for me.  It’s a dream come true.”

–March 2012

39.  Everybody Talks/NEON TREES

38.  Take Care/DRAKE featuring RIHANNA

37.  Brokenhearted/KARMIN

*Interview quote with Karmin about going to college for degrees in music, “We definitely did.  We got degrees; and we couldn’t find jobs.  We really did (create our jobs).  I think it’s cool.  It’s really bizarre to think about it because (we) remember the day (we) decided let’s just do it.  You know, it’s scary at first.  Basically, you have to create everything. We hand drew the logo.  I learned web design on Youtube at least basic web design.  (We) threw up a website. Booked our own shows.  We would call and pretend to be our own manager.  ‘Hi this is Sheila.  Calling to book Karmin are you interested.’ If you call our cell phones, (it says) this is the booking line for Karmin.  Like, we haven’t had time to change any of that.”

-January 2012

Drop ID Katy Perry

36.  Part Of Me/KATY PERRY

Feature: Top 5 Grossing Movies of 2012:

#05.  Skyfall ($271 million)

#04.  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 ($276 million)

#03.  Hunger Games ($408 million)

#02.  The Dark Knight Rises ($448 million)

#01.  Marvel’s The Avengers ($623 million)

35.  Feel So Close/CALVIN HARRIS

*Interview quote with Calvin Harris about his 2012 year, “It’s just like, it couldn’t have gone better for me.  I don’t know why everything fell into place.  People willing to play the songs; and people enjoyed the songs and then just at the same time dance music generally has been going so well.  I think I was at the right place right time this year.”  He added that he used to sing on all of his songs.  In 2011, he started work with other people.

-December 2012

34.  Too Close/ALEX CLARE

33.  Without You/DAVID GUETTA featuring USHER (sample played)

Drop ID Taylor Swift

32.  We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together/TAYLOR SWIFT

31.  Scream/USHER


*Interview quote with Phillip Phillips about the song “Home” that he performed for the first when he won American Idol, “It’s been. You know on the Olympics.  It was doing well before that.  When it was showed on the Olympics, it went straight back to one number, so it was just amazing.  I never got to see it on the Olympics, so everyone told me, tweeted me or people that would come to shows.  You know, ‘I heard your song on the Olympics.’  It’s pretty amazing. ”

–September 2012

29.  Don’t Wake Me Up/CHRIS BROWN

28.  Whistle/FLO RIDA

*Interview quote with Flo Rida about the video shoot of “Whistle”, “We actually filmed it in Acapulco, Mexico.  Yeah it was amazing.  (It was) definitely kinda of scary up on the cliffs and everything.  You have this helicopter.  You know, flying around getting the right camera angles from me.  But, as they were flying around, it was great big gust of wind that could of possibly throw me off the ledge, so I had to pin down.  It was kinda scary.”

-August 2012

27.  Locked Out Of Heaven/BRUNO MARS

*Interview quote with Bruno Mars about music influences, “Growing up listening to 80’s music, Ska, Police, Bob Marley, you know it’s only natural.  I feel like a lot of artists get little flack sometime for I know it sounds like this but it’s like this how music works.  Influences come out of what you do.  I write songs and I always aspire to write songs with you know that sound like or feel like the songs I grew up listening to.  ”

-November 2012

26. Die Young/KE$HA

*Ke$ha turned 25 this year and she celebrated by changing her hairstyle and announced the release of her album on December 4th, “Warrior”; and September 25th released her first single from the album “Die Young”.

25.  Let’s Go/CALVIN HARRIS featuring NE-YO

*Interview quote from Calvin Harris about the album “18 Months”, “Well, it’s a collection of songs that took me 18 months basically.  It’s kinda from the time that I decided to stop singing on absolutely everything. So, the first track that I ever did, well, it was a ‘were-go’ that didn’t have any songs on there.  It was more of a club track.  And then, I did ‘Feel So Close’ which confused the issue slightly because I am singing on that.  But then, we did ‘We Found Love’ & ‘Let’s Go’.  There’s a new track with Ellie Goulding on there, and there’s new one with Tinie Tempah.  Yeah, just the whole thing is a role call of my favorite artists doing some vocals.  I’m very proud of it.”

–December 2012

24.  Wide Awake/KATY PERRY

23.  International Love/PITBULL featuring CHRIS BROWN (sample played)

*Feature: Top 5 Digital Albums for 2012 from BILLBOARD MAGAZINE:

#05.  Some Nights/fun.


#03.  Babel/MUMFORD & SONS

#02.  Take Care/DRAKE

#01.  21/ADELE


*Interview quote from Owl City about the song “Good Time”, “Un being known (sic) to me, our managers had grown up together and they put Carly and I together and I had this track with an empty verse two kinda duet and I sent an email to Carly and said, ‘hey, I’m Adam Young, I make music as Owl City here’s this track called ‘Good Time’ it would be awesome if you’re into it to sing on it.’ She wrote back and said, ‘Yeah, I know who you are. I know what you do.  I have been to two of your shows.’  She lives in Vancouver.  I played in Vancouver a couple of times so I have been there.  I had no idea.  It was kinda like worlds collide.  It was awesome.”

–July 2012

Drop ID David Guetta

21.  Turn Me On/DAVID GUETTA featuring NICKI MINAJ

20.  Somebody That I Used To Know/GOTYE

*Gotye is from Melbourne, Australia

19.  One More Night/MAROON 5 (sample played)

18.  Blow Me (One Last Kiss)/PINK

17.  Let Me Love You/NE-YO

*Interview quote from Ne-Yo about the success on “Let Me Love You”, “I appreciate it.  Thank you to all the radio stations playing it.  Thank you to everyone showing love to the record.  Thank you to everyone showing love to the album.  I have been checking my Twitter and my Facebook and my Instagram.  By the way, all my Twitter people if I haven’t followed you yet, please understand that’s there like two million of you all so it might take a second to get to you directly but I will.  But, I will, okay.  I will get to you.  I will follow everybody that requests a follow just give me a minute.  I got you.  Come on, I got you.  No worries.  I got you.  Gotta give me a second, there’s 2.5 million people.”

–December 2012


*Interview with Ellie Goulding about her success, “It’s insane.  I love it.  I mean, it’s so unexpected but so so cool.  We came out here (U.S.) a lot.  We did TV shows and did all sort of stuff and it (“Lights”) and still was kinda just like teetering around.  You know, but then like, eventually it just like started climbing and climbing.  We were like it’s not really gonna get Top 10 is it.  And then, when it’s Top 10 we were like is not gonna get Top 5 is it.  And like, you know it was completely unexpected really pleasant surprise.”

15.  As Long As You Love Me/JUSTIN BIEBER featuring BIG SEAN

14.  Some Nights/fun.

13.  Where Have You Been/RIHANNA

*Rihanna four songs in the Top 50.

12.  What Makes You Beautiful/ONE DIRECTION

*Interview quote with One Direction about the most exciting thing that has happened so far as a group, “I think being on tour in America (is) amazing.  I say when won a Brit award in the U.K. and the feeling when they called our name was absolutely crazy for me that was the one moment.”  They described “What Makes You Beautiful” as a “happy kind of song”.  The video shoot for the song was “really fun to make”.  The Midsummer shoot video was “really warm and windy”.  They added, “we got sunburn and it was good.”

–March 2012

11.  Wild Ones/FLO RIDA feauring SIA

10.  Starships/NICKI MINAJ

09.  Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You/KELLY CLARKSON (sample played)

08.  We Found Love/CALVIN HARRIS featuring RIHANNA

07.  Give Your Heart A Break/DEMI LOVATO

*Interview quote from X-Factor judge, Demi Lovato, about the meaning of “Give Your Heart A Break”, “It’s basically about telling the person that you love that you don’t want to break their heart and you really just want to give their heart a break basically.”  Also she said that performing the song at the People’s Choice Awards, “I was so stoked.  The people that I was in the same category with are people that I idolized so to be nominated was just an honor.”

–March 2012

Drop ID The Wanted

06.  Glad You Came/THE WANTED

05.  Good Feeling/FLO RIDA

Drop ID Maroon 5

04.  Payphone/MAROON 5 featuring WIZ KHALIFA

03.  Call Me Maybe/CARLY RAE JEPSEN

*Interview quote with Carly Rae Jepsen about how she found out “Call Me Maybe” was becoming a success, “Well, it happened in stages.  It actually (has) been real amazing because I kinda feel the momentum everyday grow a little bit bigger and bigger.  I would say one of the main points is when I go online and see the videos that people have been making from different countries that I get to visit.  It’s pretty cool.  It’s still hard to believe.  I’m like crazy!”

-May 2012

02.  We Are Young/fun. featuring JANELLE MONAE

*A Glee cover of “We Are Young” helped boost sales of the fun. version.

*Feature: Past #1 songs of the year:

2009: I Gotta A Feeling/BLACK EYED PEAS

2010: Airplanes/B.o.B. featuring HAYLEY WILLIAMS of PARAMORE

2011: Give Me Everything/ PITBULL featuring NE-YO, NAYER & AFROJACK

01.  Titanium/DAVID GUETTA featuring SIA

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