The Weekend Top 30 with Hollywood Hamilton Top 30 of 2012 (show log)

Weekend Top 30 with Hollywood Hamilton Top 30 of 2012:

 *Song rankings are based upon station affiliate spins or times played on each that airs this show


#30.  Want U Back/CHER LLOYD

(Intro. Info.)

She was on the X-Factor (U.K.) and didn’t win but still landed recording contract from Simon Cowell.  He brought her to America.  She spent 18 weeks on the show and reached as high as #7.  It was her first hit in the U.S.

Production Error: The song reached as high as #6 on 9-15-12.  The complete chart run is: 27-26-26-27-23-16-14-12-9-8-9-8-8-7-6-14-20-30

(Outro. Info.)

Her debut album came out this past year “Sticks & Stones”.  She’s petite and very powerful.  All Simon Cowell artists have to sign a contract that they will not say anything negative about him.

Interview Quote from CHER LLOYD about Simon Cowell, “He’s scared of me.  I’m kidding (laughter).  No, he’s a cool guy.  I mean, he’s my boss; I can’t say much about him; I’ll get into trouble.” 

#29.  Drive By/TRAIN

(Intro. Info.)

They were huge 11 years ago. Then, they disappeared and came back strong in 2009 with “Hey, Soul Sister”.  “Drive By” is from their 2012 album “California 37”.



(Outro Info.)

“Good Time” reached as high as #3, spending 11 weeks in the Top 10.  Adam Young A.K.A. Owl City is currently the opening act for Neon Trees & Maroon 5 and will be in 2013 promoting the new album “Midsummer Station”.  He co-wrote all the songs on the this album.  He’s a one-man electric keyboard act and has a new song release planned in February 2013 “Shooting Star”.

Production Error: The song spent 12 weeks in the Top 10.

The complete chart run is: 27-21-16-10-11-10-9-6-9-8-5-7-6-5-3-7-14-19

#27.  What Makes You Beautiful/ONE DIRECTION

(Outro. Info. This song entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #28 making it the highest debut song from a U.K. act since 1998.  It sold over 5 million copies worldwide.  They did a Pepsi commercial with New Orelans Saints quarterback Drew Brees this year.)

#26.  Let’s Go/CALVIN HARRIS featuring NE-YO

(Intro. Info.)

Calvin Harris is a Scottish DJ who is the producer of the year.

Interview Quote from CALVIN HARRIS about comparing Ibiza, Spain to Las Vegas, “It’s great place for dance music.  I don’t think it will ever be the new Ibiza as such because Ibiza is a more of specific dance music destination where’s Vegas is more of a just crazy hedonistic destination. So, I think it’s slightly different tastes.  But, I mean, I think it’s gotten more residence DJs than Ibiza that’s the statistic that I like to bring up.”

(Outro Info.)

Interview Quote from NE-YO about the uplifting nature of the song, “Let’s Go”.  “Absolutely.  That’s my attempt at making dance and pop music with a little bit substance.  You know what I mean, there are some people and I pray that this becomes a majority that will actually get into what the record is about.  You know, the lyrics of the record.  The most popular phrase in the whole thing is  ‘Let Me Love You and I will love you until you learn to yourself.  And, that’s about you know just the importance of what is it to love yourself.   You can’t properly love another person until you learn how to love yourself.  Hopefully, people will take heed to that and get what that is about and we will get some self-esteem lifts in this place”. 

Production Error: NE-YO interview quote for the song “Let Me Love You” not “Let’s Go”


 #25.  Turn Me On/DAVID GUETTA featuring NICKI MINAJ

(Outro Info.) David Guetta is the oldest performer on the countdown at 45 years-old.

Interview Quote from NICKI MINAJ about her excitement of hearing her songs on the radio.  “It’s a great great feeling.  Like I can’t tell you, I mean, I still get the jitters when I’m in New York driving in my car coming and do like a promo and coming and hear myself on the radio.   It’s a great great feeling.  Cuz’ I always wished that this would happen so.”

#24.  As Long As You Love Me/JUSTIN BIEBER featuring BIG SEAN

(Intro. Info.) It was a huge year for Justin Bieber with dangerous run-ins with the law on the Los Angeles freeway and crazy death threats about a month a year ago a world tour and new album. The song is from Justin Bieber’s album “Believe”.


#23.  Starships/NICKI MINAJ

(Outro Info.) In 2013, she sold a perfume “Pink Friday”, released two albums (Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up), featured in ads for Adidas, Pepsi and Max cosmetics, in two weeks a judge on American Idol and to top it off would be paid $5 million to host a party on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas at Pure nightclub making her the highest paid performer on NYE this year.  Beyonce is being paid $4 million to performance in Las Vegas at Wynn Hotel & Casino for second place.

Song Samples of the possible #1 song of the year:

*Set Fire To The Rain/ADELE

*We Are Young/fun. Featuring JANELLE MONAE


#22.  Too Close/ALEX CLARE

(Outro Info.) Microsoft Internet Explorer featured “Too Close” in their ad campaign that helped revive Alex Clare’s career.

#21.  Everybody Talks/NEON TREES

(Intro. Info.)

Interview Quote about “Everybody Talks” “It’s kinda two-sided.  The personal side is that one of my ex-girlfriends who I dated very briefly she kinda spread a rumor about me after we broke up.  Girls started talking so you can hear that story of the song.  I think it’s very simple but it teaches a lot of insecure kids that it’s okay to be you and do you because everybody gonna have an opinion about you.   I think at the end of the day, the opinion that you respect should come from the people that you respect so it’s been fun to be able to say that before we play it every night that’s something I believe in.”

#20.  Titanium/DAVID GUETTA featuring SIA

(Outro Info.) David Guetta is the busiest DJ/Producer with over 180 shows in 2012.

Interview Quote with David Guetta why he likes his work, “I love what I do that’s how (he works so much). I really really genuinely love Djin’; love producing; and I had a 180 shows so that’s almost one every other day.  If I’m not in the studio, I’m playing that’s my life you know.   When it comes to summertime, I take private jet (to play Internationally). “

#19.  The One That Got Away/KATY PERRY

(Outro Info.) What a busy year for Katy Perry…a divorce, a 3D movie, dates with John Mayer, 2 Teen Choice award, 30 million Twitter followers, performing on the campaign trail for President Obama, the re-release of Teenage Dream, she was named Billboard’s magazine woman of the year and two songs in the Top 30.

#18.  Where Have You Been/RIHANNA featuring CALVIN HARRIS

(Intro. Info.) She was a guest on the W30 three times in 2012.

(Outro Info.) She did a movie, a tour and recorded an album all in one year.  Interview Quote with Rihanna talks about being busy “While I was touring, I was also making “Loud”.  There was a third to get done which was preparing for a film which was something that was impossible to do but.  Of course, I think I have an S on my chest; and I’m not cancelling anything; (I’m) doing it all.  I never want stop anything in my life to just make music.  I keep working on other stuff during the day.  At night, instead of sleeping, I can make music. The only time to sleep was 7 a.m. to like noon that was the only time because I also had acting classes and then, we had a show of course.”

#17.  Whistle/FLO RIDA

(Outro Info.) Whistle was also performed on “Glee” this year.  He’s doing “cheesy” promos for wrestling.  Also, he’s being sued by ADT for a security system bill not paid.  The IRS is after him for not filing tax returns for two solid years.

#16.  Wide Awake/KATY PERRY

(Outro Info.) Before Katy Perry came along, Fergie was the digital queen with five singles from the “Dutchess” album that sold two million digital copies each.  Katy had eight singles from “Teenage Dream” that sold two million each which a new record in the digital era.

Song Samples of the possible #1 song of the year:

*Payphone/MAROON 5

*Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)/KELLY CLARKSON


#15.  Good Feeling/FLO RIDA

(Outro Info.) He was in the W30 studio twice this year.

Interview Quote with Flo Rida.  He talked about ice on his body and fighting, “(He wears jewelry) Oh, man this is something from the ice age, I think right here.  Thanks to all the fans.  You know, big ball of diamonds built like a microphone.  My Jacob watching them.  A lot people might think they are my bodyguards but (they are my friends).  (I don’t need a bodyguard) at all.  (He has no tolerance for annoying people).  He’s up in the air.  He’s never coming down.  Okay, there he is.  I just hit him.  (I have) never had a problem (with a hater) thank God.  Never, I mean for the most part I try to give out great energy stay positive. I guess, what you put out is what you get in return, so.”

#14.  Some Nights/fun.


#13.  Blow Me (One Last Kiss)/PINK

(Outro Info.) Interview Quote with Pink about having a baby, “Oh, it just made me better.  It’s a total clique to say and you really don’t get until you have them.  It’s like you wake up every morning get hit by the worry train.  I think the record is more fun because I’m having more fun.  I wake up and shower for tushy wash and dance and sing weird songs so my record is just really happy, dancey and rock & roll.”

#12. Give Your Heart A Break/DEMI LOVATO

(Outro Info.) Demi Lovato is one of 11 female solo artist in the Top 30.  “Give Your Heart A Break” was #1 for weeks and spent 26 weeks.  Demi went from the Disney channel to the X-Factor as a judge.  She was chosen for the show because Simon Cowell liked the idea of having a young performer’s view on the music business.

Production Error: “Give Your Heart A Break” spent 27 weeks in the Top 30.  The complete chart run is: 28-26-25-28-20-16-15-15-23-18-16-15-13-10-5-5-5-5-3-3-2-1-1-2-7-15-26

#11. Somebody That I Used To Know/GOTYE featuring KIMBRA

(Intro. Info.)  “Somebody That I Used To Know” spent three weeks in a row at #1.  Gotye’s real name is Wally.  Wally has been a big star in Australia for many years.  Somewhere along the way, he had a terrible breakup that led to this song which sold 6 million copies in the U.S.  The song is a true story.


#10.  Die Young/KE$HA

(Intro. Info.)  Every song in the Top 10 for 2012 spent three weeks or longer @ #1.

(Outro Info.) Interview Quote with Ke$ha in her past life she was a lion, “Honestly, I feel like I’m a baby lion.  Because I just I’m, I spent some time helping to rehabilitate baby lions in South Africa and I swear to you we are connected on a very deep level, and I look like a lion ‘cuz I have wild blonde hair and I like to growl and I love biting people and I just um think I’m a lion.”

#09.  Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)/KELLY CLARKSON

(Intro. Info.)  Two weeks ago, she got engaged to her long time boyfriend.


#08.  Glad You Came/THE WANTED

(Outro Info.) “Glad You Came” spent 18 weeks in the Top 30 and three weeks @ #1.

Backstage Interview with producer Michelle, they talked about taking over America.  Nathan is the tweetheart of the band.  “I’ll take that.  I do tweet a bit too much sometimes and I bet people who follow me who kinda go oh, that’s a bit annoying. Oh, well.”  Tom plays guitar.  Max looks like Robbie Williams.  Jay is a vegetarian.  They talked being a U.K. band trying to make it in America, “It’s just one of those things.  It’s like not many people do it especially south British artists.  We have seen a couple of girls do well like Jessie J.  (and) Adele so then we thought you know what why not so we’re having a go.”

#07.  We Are Young/fun. featuring JANELLE MONAE

(Outro Info.) 12 weeks in the Top including three @ #1.  Interview Quote with Jack (guitar player) of fun. talking about the video shoot for “We Are Young”, “I swear to God.  I don’t know how we made it out of that video shoot without like having one of our heads blown out.  It was like insane.  There was like falling cake out of cannons.  We’re gonna have people doing backflips behind you and I kid you not, it was terrifying because we’re not stuntman so we were like sitting there while complete chaos was going on.  Cuz’ none of that was added after the fact that was shot the way it was.  It was pass meeting and terrifying to be a part of that video like huge explosions huge like really intense scenes happening in slow motion like a when guy gets hit in the face.  He’s like milk coming out of his mouth.  Somehow no one got hurt.”

#06.  We Found Love/RIHANNA featuring CALVIN HARRIS

(Intro. Info.)  It started the year at #1 for three weeks.

(Outro Info.) In the past four years, Rihanna has released a new album every single year, “R-rated”, “Loud”, “Talk That Talk” and “Unapologetic”.  She has had 14 hits in four years and 20 if you count features.


(Intro. Info.)  Backstage Interview with producer Michelle at KDWB’s Jingle Ball concert in the Twin Cities.  They talked about “Lights”, “I wrote that in Brighten on the coast in the U.K.; and it kinda was about my fear of the dock actually.  Yeah, I wrote that with Biff Stannard, who has written jillions of songs.  He’s a very talented songwriter.  A lot of the stuff is quite deep but when I perform I forget how deep it is and just pretend it’s not.  I have to keep a certain amount of me like sorta acting the song because it’s too much.  You know, so much stuff going on I have to like forget about it for a bit.  Yeah, I have to revisit it a little bit.”  She will do Karaoke to anything by Beyonce, Destiny’s Child or Fleetwood Mac.  Her favorite song of 2012 is “Tessellate” by Alt-J.  She moves around and gets to blood flowing before a performance along with vocal warmups.

(Outro Info.) More Backstage Interview, her 2013 plans are “lots and lots and lots of tour lots of tour, festivals, shows and maybe even a new album who knows”.  Her advice for others learning guitar is to “keep going, don’t stop, yeah, don’t give in basically, yeah.”


#04.  Payphone/MAROON 5 featuring WIZ KHALIFA

(Outro Info.) Wiz Khalifa has been rapping since birth.  Interview Quote with Wiz Khlafia about his name, “Wiz Khalifa, the wiz part just because I’m good at everything I do or so they say.  Khalifa is Arabic for successful leader, my granddaddy gave me that one when I was young.  (My grandfather) he’s Muslim my uncles were actually raised Muslim.  My granddaddy is Muslim.  I got a lot of Muslim in the family.  I have been rapping forever.  I have been writing forever. “  He starting rapping at three years-old, “I was doing more than goo goo and gaga.  I was into a little more play.  I was an advanced kid.  I was like rapping other songs on the radio and stuff.”

Production Error: Although it is mentioned that Wiz Khalifa appears on the song.  They version played does not feature Wiz Khalifa.

#03.  Call Me Maybe/CARLY RAE JEPSEN

(Intro. Info.) Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Jimmy Fallon endorsed Carly Rae Jepsen along with a host of other which helped her song take off.  It was the most download of 2012 on Itunes.


#02.  Set Fire To The Rain/ADELE

(Outro Info.) Adele’s album 21 spent 23 weeks @ #1   on Billboard’s chart making the longest running #1 album since Prince’s “Purple Rain” in 1985.

Production Error:  The “Purple Rain” album was from 1984 not 1985.

#01.  One More Night/MAROON 5

(Intro. Info.) Maroon 5’s year-end chart appearance in 2003 with “Harder To Breath” which was at #23.  Since 2003, a slew of hits and two hits in the Top 10 in 2012.  Interview Quote with Maroon 5 with thoughts on Guitar Hero, “it’s cool and I like how it exposes kids to a lot music that they would not have heard otherwise.  But, kids I’m telling you as a former guitar teacher, you can go out with the same cost as Guitar Hero. Cheaper.  Buy a real guitar.  It’s actually easier to play guitar than Guitar Hero.  Guitar Hero is impossible like I can’t understand how people to do it.  I can’t play that game.  I’m horrible at that game.  Nobody ever got chicks from playing Guitar Hero.  It’s a video game.  Get the real thing.  That time you spend playing Guitar Hero practice a real guitar great things will happen.”

(Outro Info.) The song that spent the most weeks @ #1 in 2012 five weeks in a row “One More Night”.

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